Belated Happy New Year!

I dropped off the face of the earth in July. My doctor found a mass in my right breast and I had to have two biopsies. Thankfully, I do not have cancer. At my 9 to 5, my staff quit on me this summer, so I have been working non-stop. We have hired replacements but training and getting them up to speed is taking longer than expected. Right now, I am facing another biopsy for thyroid nodules.

But, I’ve decided that I can’t keep sitting on the sidelines waiting for situations to resolve themselves out. I have to keep moving. I can’t just stop everything because I might have cancer. I can’t just stop everything because people decide not to work for me anymore. I can’t just stop my life and devote every second of it to my job. I have to have a life outside of my job. I can’t let my job drain all the energy out of me. I can’t let my job take away all of my free time. I can’t let my job cause me mental anguish.

So, I’ve decided to start this blog up once again. It’s a new year, a new me, a fresh start. I am still on my quest to earn money outside of my 9 to 5. is going to be totally revamped. I hope you like what it’s going to turn into.



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