365 Things for 2022

I’ve decided to ramp it up for 2022. 2021 was 200 Things. 2022 will be an ambitious 365 Things, moving from just consuming to consuming and producing. 75 Online Classes 50 Audiobooks / Books 100 TV Shows / Specials 50 Movies 45 Photos 45 Art I wish great things for you in 2022. 75 Online […]

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200 Things Project for 2021

Update: Ended Up with 241 Things Done for the year. Pretty Pretty Good. Lots of Self-Help again. Definitely looking to expand my purview in 2022. I’ve decided to adjust the 365 Things from last year to 200 Things for 2021. 75 Online Classes 50 Audiobooks / Books 50 TV Shows / Specials 25 Movies Here […]

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365 Things Project- Ongoing Progress Report

Street Before Sunrise

50 movies watched #1 Eighth Grade- Bo Burnham- Amazon Prime Video (1/1/20) #2 Paddington 2- Paul King- HBO NOW (1/17/20) #3 Won’t You Be My Neighbor?- Morgan Neville- HBO NOW (1/18/20) #4 The Favourite- Yorgos Lanthimos- HBO NOW (2/2/20) #5 Parasite- Bong Joon Ho- Screener (2/16/20) #6 Little Women- Greta Gerwig- Screener (2/18/20) #7 JoJo […]

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Update on Luckybaglove #2


Over the last several months, there have been rounds of layoffs at my 9 to 5 job, which have been causing me a great deal of stress. Besides buying small amounts of inventory, I have done no work on the business. I have just been living each day in total dread of what would happen […]

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Update on LuckyBagLove


With all this attention being paid to the 365 Things Project, you may be wondering, what is going on with luckybaglove.com? That’s a very valid question, that I don’t have a great answer for. I am in the process of completely overhauling the business, from concept to design of the website, to photos, to inventory, […]

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365 Things Project

I really wanted to do a 365 day project this year. 2020, the start of a new decade, I really wanted to do something artistic, something important, something with some weight. But, as the new year approached, I could not decide, I could not make up my mind, as to what I wanted to do. […]

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Belated Happy New Year!

Christmas Lights

I dropped off the face of the earth in July. My doctor found a mass in my right breast and I had to have two biopsies. Thankfully, I do not have cancer. At my 9 to 5, my staff quit on me this summer, so I have been working non-stop. We have hired replacements but […]

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Reset Plan


What the heck am I going to do? Get more active on this blog. Get more active on social media. Learn how to use social media. Learn how to do SEO. Document inputs (research) that go into moving the business forward. Document outputs (actions) that go into moving the business forward. Expand the scope of […]

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It’s Not You, It’s Me…

Lucky Bag Love

Hello! I started this blog to document my quest to become financially independent. The goal was to make money outside of my 9 to 5 job with my side business, luckybaglove.com. It’s been a couple of months and I have only moved backward; actually losing money, instead of gaining any. How is this possible? I […]

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