I WANT to Believe This is True…

One-decision-away quote

Wouldn’t it be amazing if with every decision we make, we could possibly find ourselves in a different life? It has happened to me at critical points in my life. I hope that it can happen again in the near future. I am rooting for positive changes. These things happen so quickly you almost don’t […]

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On Marie Forleo’s Quote about Success

Marie Forleo's Quote about Success

Marie Forleo speaks the truth. I’m finding it a hard lesson to learn concerning many aspects of my life. These areas include diet, exercise, business, relationships, and money. Being consistent is really difficult for me despite the best of intentions. I have learned that you can’t just do something once or occasionally, as Marie Forleo […]

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So True…

Thomas Carlyle Quote

Whether the outcome is good or bad, only action will get you out of a state of doubt. Sometimes, not knowing or being paralyzed by doubt, feels safer than stepping into the reality of what is waiting for you on the other side. Sometimes, it feels better to just live in a state of doubt […]

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Moving Forward and Taking Action


I’ve been thinking a lot about my online business, luckybaglove.com. Instead of just buying the bags that I sell, why not make some of the bags myself? That way, I could choose from hundreds of different fabrics and have a better selection of themes to create lucky bags for. I thought it was a great […]

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Branching Out

Cherry Blossom Tree

I have been hard at work trying to get more people to see all I have to offer at my online shop, luckybaglove.com. In addition to starting this blog and posting on social media as @luckybaglove and @_tadamako, I have sought out other ways to get in front of potential customers. These are: Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/LuckyBagLove […]

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Thoughts on Self-Empowerment

Motivational Quote by Carol Burnett

I found this quote by Carol Burnett on the internet. If you read my last blog post about the biggest mistake I made so far in starting my own business, you can see how I totally relate to her words. Self-Empowerment, especially female self-empowerment, is something that I have been grappling with my whole life. […]

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What Made Me Start My Business Now?


After years upon years of daydreaming about starting my own business, what was it that made me actually take the actions necessary to start now? It was a confluence of things. My parents both died. I was no longer accountable to anyone. I suddenly found myself with a lot of free time. I moved to […]

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Why Lucky Bags?

Sumo Lucky Bag

Why in the world did I choose to base my business around selling lucky bags? That’s a very good question. A lot of people don’t know what lucky bags are. People immediately associate lucky bags with Lucky Brand bags. If you’re not familiar with Japanese culture and their “fukubukuro”, you may not understand what I’m […]

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Thoughts on Discipline

I am really struggling with this in every aspect of my life right now. Julie Andrews’ take on discipline is right on. I hope to get there sometime soon. Truthfully, I’ve always struggled with discipline. I’ve always been averse to digging in, sticking to things, and going in depth. Building a business from scratch has […]

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