I WANT to Believe This is True…

One-decision-away quote
Quote from tinybuddha.com

Wouldn’t it be amazing if with every decision we make, we could possibly find ourselves in a different life?

It has happened to me at critical points in my life.

I hope that it can happen again in the near future.

I am rooting for positive changes. These things happen so quickly you almost don’t even realize it when you’re going through it.

When I finally decided to quit smoking, I didn’t feel any different but looking back on it now, I can say that my life changed completely.

  • I no longer had the excuse to pause or postpone everything that I did in my life.
  • I no longer had a crutch or safety net for social situations.
  • I no longer wreaked of cigarette smoke and so was not ridiculed by others.
  • I no longer spent all my money on cigarettes.

And on and on…

This is just one example.

I hope that the decisions that I have been making recently to better my circumstances will result in a markedly different life that I can be proud of.



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