On Marie Forleo’s Quote about Success

Marie Forleo Quote about Success
Quote by Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo speaks the truth.

I’m finding it a hard lesson to learn concerning many aspects of my life. These areas include diet, exercise, business, relationships, and money.

Being consistent is really difficult for me despite the best of intentions.

I have learned that you can’t just do something once or occasionally, as Marie Forleo says, you have to keep doing it, over and over again, in a consistent way, in order to see any type of desirable result.

Consistency is the key, yet it is the most elusive thing, for someone with no self-discipline or self-control like myself.

If I became more consistent in more areas of my life, I’m afraid that I would crawl out of my skin, feeling restricted and resentful about being a robot who lives inside a very limited box.

Going to work at a different time everyday and leaving at a different time everyday, waking up at a different time everyday and going to sleep at a different time everyday makes me feel less like a cog in the machine.

It’s a false sense of freedom that I cling to even though it doesn’t serve me.

Being consistent, instead of being all or nothing, could totally change my life for the better. Yet, I resist.

Wanting to be succcessful and actually being succcessful are two very different things.

I am squarely at the wanting to be successful stage right now. It is up to me to change my patterns and habits in order to have any chance of achieving any success.

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.

Marie Forleo

She’s right. Now I just have to do it, consistently.



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