Thoughts on Self-Empowerment

Motivational Quote by Carol Burnett

I found this quote by Carol Burnett on the internet.

If you read my last blog post about the biggest mistake I made so far in starting my own business, you can see how I totally relate to her words.

Self-Empowerment, especially female self-empowerment, is something that I have been grappling with my whole life.

Even more so now that I am in my forties and find myself still single, I have come to terms with the realization that no one is coming to save me. There is no knight in shining armor. There is no inheritance or trust fund or lottery jackpot coming. There is no backup or safety net.

It is up to me to make my own opportunities if I want to change my life. I can not rely on others to do it for me. I must do it on my own.

Thank you Carol Burnett.



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