365 Things Project

I really wanted to do a 365 day project this year. 2020, the start of a new decade, I really wanted to do something artistic, something important, something with some weight.

But, as the new year approached, I could not decide, I could not make up my mind, as to what I wanted to do. So, instead, I broke it up. I broke up the 365 day project into pieces and made it into a 365 things project that would be due at the end of the year.

It entails:

  • 50 movies watched
  • 50 tv shows/specials watched
  • 50 books read or listened to
  • 50 photos taken
  • 50 collages/paintings/drawings (CopyCat Project) made
  • 50 online courses taken
  • 50 blog posts written
  • 15 meals cooked at home

I will keep you posted on my progress throughout the year.



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